About us

Our fairytale began in Haacht, where father Henri and son Danny managed to perform greatly year after year. All the speed records were broken. Week after week the short distance competitions were won. But from the mid-90s there came a change, their pigeons succeeded in flying great results on longer middle distances. The consistency in victories brought them amongst the best amateur pigeon breeders in Belgium. Suddenly things went very fast after winning the ‘Gouden Duif’ (a prestigious price) in 1998. Since then the family Van Avondt has been occupying itself with the pigeons on a deeper level. This is why they have specialized themselves on the heavy fond distances.

With a superior quality in breeding, which found its basis with Gommaire Verbruggen, they continued in this spirit. In 2002 they managed to win their first ‘gouden palm’ (golden palm) with the young pigeons on the national flight starting in La Souterraine.

These excellent results brought them into contact with the Herbots family, with whom the still maintain a great friendship today. This only lead to better results for the Van Avondt duo, who now found themselves amongst the better players.

In 2007 they win they win the 1st national ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB, with ‘Million’. In 2008 the 2nd national ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB with ‘Super Million’, a pigeon from the same parents (Flor X Linda). This is the start of the new stock pair which is still today’s trademark of their Million-colony.

Today, father Henri, has taken a step back due to old age. The pigeon colony moved to Wespelaar in 2014, where son Danny is now in charde of the colony, together with his son Nick. They do their uttermost best to equal the results from Haacht, or to do even better.

Their colony consists out of 30 stock pairs (for breeding) and 120 young pigeons that are sent to compete in the national races of the longer middle distance. At the moment they prefer not to play with with yearlings or old pigeons. This means there are only few chances to win; but they still manage to get excellent results week after week.

The pigeon breeds that are found in their pigeonry are: Verbruggen Gommaire, Engels Flor & Zonen, Baertsoen Michel & Linda, Herbots Gebroeders, Menten Ronny, Jespers-Vanderwegen, Tournelle Davy, Vervloesem R&P.

The love of father, son and grandson for pigeon racing is not to be found in the results, but in their passion for the birds themselves.

With kind, sporty regards

Henri, Danny & Nick Van Avondt